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A fantastic hot climate, edible perennial and beautiful too! Perfect for your warm climate food forest


This can be eaten like regular spinach, in salads, steamed or sauteed. It tastes just like spinach too!


The plant produces beautiful pinkish red berries that eventually turn black and spreads easily. It will also grow in poor soils. I eat it fresh, right off the plant. 


The plant has a really cool vining habit which can also make for a nice ground cover. It can handle sun or shade. nearly impossible to kill!


The beauty of this vegetable is that it is a perennial in warm climates so you can grow this year round as a permanent fixture. This is also part of my hot climate survival pack. 


This is for 50 seeds

Red Malabar Spinach Seeds, Hot Climate, Tropical Food Forest, Basella alba

SKU: BA0150

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