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Harebell, often called “bluebell”, is a flower found around the world in the Northern Hemisphere but most often, associated with Scotland. Harebell has many common names including bellflower, lady’s thimble, witch’s thimble, heathbells, and fairies’ thimbles.

It is native to almost every US state, including Alaska, with the exception of the lower southeast. It is also found in Canada.

The Haida Indians of the Pacific Northwest called them “blue rain flowers” and it was thought that picking them would cause it to rain.

Flowers are born on wiry stems, containing many flowers, reaching 12-18 inches tall. The flowers are one inch long and are delicate Bella that dangle downward.

The seeds require 30 days of cold stratification which can be achieved by sowing in fall or folding into a moist paper towel, then a ziploc bag and place in your refrigerator for 30 days, then sow as normal.

Perennial zones: 3-8

This is for 25 seeds

Blue Harebell Seeds, Campanula Rotundifolia, Bluebell

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