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25 seeds


I first discovered this amazing plant at a wild edible plant conference.

Jewels of Opar is a US native with pretty pink flowers on long stems that turn into beautiful “jewels, in shades of red and yellow. The jewels are the seed pods that eventually dry on the plant, where seeds can be collected.

It has succulent-like leaves that are edible! They are very mild with a spinach like texture and are high in vitamin C, iron and calcium. I’ve grown this both out in the field as well as a house plant, where it still readily flowers!

Grows 2-3 feet tall and 3 feet wide. Can be contained much smaller in pots, indoors, if desired.

An edible house plant you can harvest as desired!

Perennial zones 8-10, can easily be grown as an annual or a house plant.

This is for 25 organic seeds

Organic Edible Jewels of Opar Seeds, Talinum Paniculatum

SKU: TA4025

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