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50 seeds


Arroyo Lupine is a beautiful blue-purple California native wildflower. Although originating in California, this gem is also considered native to Arizona and much of the SW United States.

Mature plants are very tolerant of drought.

Plant when temperatures are between 60-85 degrees. THESE WILL NOT GERMINATE IF TEMPERATURES ARE OVER 85 DEGREES. Germination varies quite a bit, between 15 and 75 days. The fastest way to get these to germinate is to place them in an airtight container(the baggie I send them in is perfect) place that in a paper bag and put them in your refrigerator for one week. Then either scratch the seeds with sandpaper or soak the seeds for 24-48 hours before planting.

Flower spikes up to 3 feet


This is for 50 seeds


Note: All parts of these plants are toxic to ingest, including the seeds. Buyer assumes liability. Be sure to not allow unsupervised children or pets around them.

I combine shipping on all seed orders, you pay one flat fee for as many seeds as you would like for no additional shipping. Orders over $35 for any combination of items in my shop ship for free!

All of my seeds are tested and guaranteed. Most of my seeds are fresh off of my own plants.

Arroyo Lupine Seeds, California, Arizona Native Lupinus Succulentus

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