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A beautiful native perennial wildflower and member of the sunflower family, Oregon Sunshine is most naturally occurring in the western parts of the US, including California, Oregon, Washington and parts of Canada, although this is not an inclusive list.

It is drought tolerant and thrives in rocky and dry areas, but adapts well to standard garden conditions.

It produces bright yellow flowers with blue-green foliage and has a mounding or ground cover like habit. It can grow as high as 2 feet tall with adequate water.

The seeds require 8 weeks of cold stratification. They can be planted in fall for a spring emergence or cold stratified in your refrigerator, by folding them into a moist paper towel, then a ziploc bag and placed in the fridge, then sow as normal

Perennial zones 5-9

This is for 50 seeds

Oregon Sunshine Seeds, North American Native, Pacific NW, Eriophyllum

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