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Pennyroyal has a minty, menthol-like fragrance, contributing to its use in potpourri and as a natural air freshener. The aromatic qualities of the plant are very pleasant. It is also an insect repellent. 


The purple plumes are absolutely gorgeous, reminding me of wild Bergamot, but with many many more sections of purple blossoms.


Pennyroyal has a long history of medicinal use but should only be used under the advice and supervision of an herbalist, as its' oil contains pulegone. Not to be used while pregnant. Purchaser assumes all liability. 


Grows up to 18 inches tall


Perennial zones 6-9


This is for 100 seeds

Pennyroyal Seeds, Mentha Pulegium, Purple Flowering Medicinal Plants

SKU: MT041C AE-25

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