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The tallest of the Joe Pye Weed, topping out at 8 feet! Talk about a butterfly feast!


This plant delivers and abundant source of nectar and is native to  it is native to the eastern and central parts of North America, ranging from the eastern United States, including states like Florida, New York, and Texas, to parts of Canada. Tall Joe-Pye weed typically grows in wetlands, meadows, and along stream banks, preferring moist habitats.


Seeds can be planted in fall for a spring emergence or cold stratified in your refrigerator for one month. 


Very beneficial US native wildflower in the family Asteraceae


Perennial zones 4-9 


This is for 50 seeds

Tall Joe Pye Weed Seeds, Huge Plant, Eupatorium Fistulosum EP0350

SKU: EP0350

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