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With my affinity for mysterious plants (and love for bats,) I had to have these. They are in my mysterious garden patch, growing in deep shade, which is good news if you aren’t in my zone 10. These can easily be grown as a house plant.


I am currently growing, black, green and white and have all varieties available from time to time. 


The top petals (technically bracts) are white and the black-purple flowers look like something out of little shop of horrors. The buds open one by one and your normally have 3-4 open at any one time, with new ones opening each day. It’s so fun to go out and see the development. Flowers are green, large and glossy.


These take patience as they can take 4-12 weeks to sprout but are well worth the wait. 


Perennial zones 9B-13, can be grown indoors as they are shade loving


This is for 10 seeds

White Bat Flower, Tacca Chantrieri Nivea

SKU: TC0110

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